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Policy officer, Energy and Digital, Confrontations Europe

The present note summarises the contributions of the five panellists:

  • Mr. Pierre-Jean COULON, President of the section TEN, European Economic and Social Committee
  • Mr. Ignacio PEREZ-CALDENTEY, Unit Coordination of Energy Policy, DG ENERGY, European Commission
  • Mrs. Florie GONSOLIN, Manager Energy & Climate, CEFIC
  • M. Michel MATHEU, Head of EU Strategy, EDF
  • M. Carlos ZORRINHO, Member of the European Parliament, Shadow rapporteur S&D group

Within the Package “Clean for all”, the European Commission proposes two binding targets for the EU: an increase of at least 30% in energy efficiency, and a share of renewables up to at least 27%. To ensure that all Member States contribute to the common effort, the Commission has foreseen a very detailed regulation, asking each Member State to establish a national plan for climate & energy over a period of 10 years (2021-2030), and to determine linear trajectories of progress for each of these targets. The plans are submitted to the Commission, which elaborates recommendations when deemed necessary. The commitments required from Member States and the supervisory power given to the Commission actually result in national binding objectives at the level of each Member State.

How relevant are the strategy and the governance method chosen by the Commission to fulfil the different objectives of the Clean Energy Package?

The seminar of the 28th of September 2017 focused on the details of the draft Governance regulation, with a particular attention to the targets and the national climate and energy plans. The discussions have shed light on the impacts of these measures on the existing energy policies, as well as on the different industrial sectors.

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