Global Compact on Migrations: stop fake news !


Chief Executive, Confrontations Europe

Over 150 countries have approved the Global Compact on Migrations on December 10 in Marrakech. What is at stake?

A single country cannot face alone migrations. We should take the issue at its roots. They should be mastered by States in the framework of an international cooperation between countries of origin, transit, and destination. This is by cooperating that we will manage to be more efficient with regards to illegal migrations, and to dismantle networks of smugglers and criminals.   

The Global Compact on Migrations elaborated in the framework of the United Nations enables exchanges of information and identifies good practices that can inspire States in a more efficient cooperation. It has been approved by 162 States including France through the Secretary of State Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, even if 9 countries have left the process, including 5 from Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia,…). But fake news are proliferating…

Precisely…Are States still free to self-determine their migration policy, and fight illegal migrations?

Of course, States are free: the text reassesses as usual national sovereignty of each State, free to determine its own migration policy. Those who pretend that the Compact requires to accept migrations are lying. The Compact clearly distinguishes between refugees and economic migrants. It is our duty to welcome refugees because they flee persecutions. It is not up to the international law to dictate which migrations are legal or illegal!   

Could it be used by judges and if so, … what would happen?

The Compact doesn’t create any additional right for migrants. It doesn’t create any legal requirements, that is, it doesn’t impose anything against our will. Could a judge invoke it? … But who might fear a judge? Criminal networks practising slavery? Extremists dreaming of pushing migrants back to the sea, at the risk of drowning? I do hope we won’t tolerate any more this in our countries, neither in Europe not in Africa or anywhere in the world!

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