Towards a fair sharing economy: The role and place of cooperative platforms

Nicole ALIX

La Coop des Communs et Confrontations Europe

Digital platforms are at the very heart of the “sharing” economy. Everywhere in the EU and in the world, citizens, social entrepreneurs and collectivities use these powerful tools to create, preserve or give access to goods and services « in commons ». They aim both at efficiency and justice. They promote radically different models than digital platforms which concentrate and capture the value chain created by the users and contributors and go beyond laws and regulations. They need recognition and fair regulation.

With the support of the European Economic and Social Committee, 6 organisations involved in Social and Solidarity Economy and the Commons had brought together almost 200 persons in Brussels to:
discover fantastic examples of cooperative platforms, in the fields of culture, food, land, exchange of services between enterprises, local currencies…
debate on legal issues : labour law, property, contracts, taxation,
express their expectations towards the European Union, Member States and cities,
promote partnerships.

The organisers have decided to stay in connection to continue the dialogue between them and with the main panelists and participants : social and solidarity networks, commons, cooperatives, cities, partners from the Labor movement … and with the international Platform Cooperativism consortium.
The report of the conference will be available in the next weeks. Here are the audio records of the conference and the presentations made by the panelists.

9.30-10.00: Keynote speeches:

10.00-12.00: Testimonials of cooperative platforms experiences and reactions of experts and academics:

10- 11: Cooperative platforms experiences

Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Eric Petrotto, general manager, 1DLab
Document (FR) of Quentin Crespel, project coordinator, BEES Coop
Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Jessy Kate Schindler, member, Enspiral

11–12: Identification of issues to be addressed during the afternoon.

Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Guido Smorto, professor of comparative law, Palermo, and his article.
Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Bruno Carballa, PhD candidate in Economics, CEPN, Paris XIII Univ.
Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Susana Martín Belmonte, Monetary economist at the Institute of Social Currency, Madrid
Document (ENG) of Pat Conaty, Research Associate, Co-operatives UK

13.30-16.40: The contribution of these practices for the political project and the support expected:

13.30-14.30: Overview on the European opinions, views and regulations.

Powerpoint presentation  (ENG) of Neil Kay, Policy Officer, DG GROW, Policy Officer, E3: Digitalisation of the single market
Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Fabrizio Sestini, Senior Expert, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology,  E3 Next Generation Internet
14.30-16.40: How can and should cooperative practices be supported? building proposals
Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Louis Cousin, project officer, Cooperatives Europe.

16.40–17.15: Next steps: Which public policy, National, European, International? proposals feedbacks.

Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Mayo Fuster Morell,  Barcelona
Powerpoint presentation  (FR/ENG) of Thiebaut Weber, Confederal Secretary, ETUC
Powerpoint presentation (ENG) of Simel Esim, Programme Manager, Cooperatives Unit, International Labour Office (ILO).

Please find below the audio recordings of the conference.
Audio recording of the morning (part 1)

Audio recording of the morning (part 2)

Audio recording of the afternoon (part 1)

Audio recording of the afternoon (part 2)

Audio recording of the afternoon (part 3)

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