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Sebastian, Poland

I think the Solidarity Tour is a very good idea because it has given young people from different countries the chance to exchange political views, talk about important issues like immigration and share their experiences, depending on where they are from.

Saji, Belgium

I thought the debates during the Solidarity Tour were very informative. We discussed various topics related to the European Union, and I think the main advantage of the project was that it gave us the chance to share and compare our views, and even to forge new opinions on the topics discussed.  I learned a lot about the political situation in different European countries, which is something I have never had the chance to do before. I think that the time we spent together is a key factor in finding potential solutions to current issues: the most important thing that the project taught us was how to reshape our views by talking with others.

Hubert, Poland

I come from a small town near Poznań and I work in a car manufacturing company. The Solidarity Tour was a very important event in my life. I learned a lot myself, but the other participants taught me a lot too. Learning about other cultures and discovering what life is like in other countries was an important eye-opener for me. The workshops were all very important because they were an opportunity to connect with other participants and talk about the problems of one specific country. I will certainly never forget any of those moments.

Michaela, Czech Republic

Meeting young people from different countries was an incredible opportunity for me. During the project, I learned a lot of interesting things about political issues in the European Union. I got to know other cultures and see how people live in other countries. It was also good for my English. I loved taking part in the project and will recommend it to those around me.



Harrison, Hungary

During the Solidarity Tour, I learned a lot from the various people I met in different countries. It gave me an opportunity to talk to people of other nationalities and backgrounds. I learned a lot about their political, economic and cultural views, and about many European and global challenges. It also gave me a chance to talk to people of my own age, especially in Belgrade, and to find out what they think about the country where they live, and how they feel about what they have to do to succeed in life. I’m very grateful to have been selected for the project.



Milosz, Poland

The Solidarity Tour was a tremendous experience and challenge for me. Visiting so many different countries and learning about their culture and lifestyle was very interesting. It was a very rewarding experience to meet new people and learn about the problems in their countries, etc. I really loved it!

Jeremy, France

I got a lot out of the Solidarity project, especially the chance to hear different views, travel around Europe, and take part in cultural debates and historical tours. It gave me a greater awareness and understanding of Europe and current issues.

Jakub, Poland

The Solidarity Tour was an incredible opportunity to meet new people, explore other cultures and listen to different views about the challenges and problems facing Europe today. Hearing different views helps us to understand each other better. I have a better understanding of what people in other countries think about very important matters concerning Europe and the EU. I think this project was an excellent idea and a very important initiative for young people. I’m very grateful to have been able to take part.

Bori, Hungary

The Solidarity Tour was a cultural and conversational adventure, during which I explored new places and heard new views and ideas. To me, it was more than just an interesting project; I also made some wonderful friends. We were like family, and we spoke at least seven languages between us. It also broadened my mind and, sure, even though we came from different countries and had different political opinions, we all wanted the same thing: to make the world a better place.

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