For diversified cooperative models "in commons"

Nicole ALIX

President, La Coop des Communs

For diversified cooperative models « in commons »

After their conference on cooperative digital platforms, partners from co-ops, commons, cities and trade-unions decided to continue to work together, to promote the common interest through open cooperative platforms and to integrate rights of workers and users in their ownership and regulation. Digital platforms will suit the kind of social market economy we want for Europe if we :

Raise awareness on innovative experiences, for instance cooperative platforms

Either created by the workers or users and through multi-stakeholder cooperatives, to promote common and sustainable goods and services.

Exchange on regulatory issues

The EU regulation now relies on «laissez faire» and doesn’t give a chance to social economy to compete effectively and fairly.

Promote partnerships between cooperative worlds, commons, cities…

Alliances are needed to foster experimentation in distributing the value, horizontal democracy, and promoting general interest.

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