For an economy of trust in Europe: The contributionn of the social and solidarity economy

under the direction of Nicole Alix and Mathieu de Nanteuil

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At European level, the very magnitude of the current transformations means that we must do away with ready-made solutions and rehabilitate the numerous hybrid economic forms considered until now derogatory vis-à-vis the State or the market. One such form is the social and solidary economy: it employs more than 14 million employees throughout the EU and is present in every Member State.
The atypical aspect of the social and solidary economy should not be perceived as a weakness, but as a prerequisite for setting up socio-economic innovations and renewing the democratic public space. It is an essential condition for re-establishing trust in productive and consumption activities. It is also the reflection of a major societal movement, whose pulse beats to the rhythm of digital, energy and demographic change. And it is the guarantee of a genuine policy of economic plurality, built up by citizens to serve their collective future.
Democratisation of the economic sphere is essential to increasing political democracy: such is the practical and theoretical challenge that this special edition of L’Option by Confrontations Europe aims to address.

Bilingual and divided into four parts (“pointers and explanations”, “debates and standpoints”, “anthropological perspectives”, “as a way of conclusion”), this document is the result of intense dialogue between academics specialised in, and social actors of, the solidarity-based economy. Its authors are: Nicole Alix, Jean-Louis Bancel,Jean-Claude Barbier, Bernard Bazillon, Hervé Bompard-Eidelman, Philippe Chabasse,Jacques Defourny, Pascale Delille, Bruno Drevet, Hugues Feltesse, Benoît Hamon,Jean-Louis Laville, Alain Lipietz, Jacques-François Marchandise, Matthieu de Nanteuil, Marthe Nyssens, Nathalie Parent, Arielle Pieroni-Garcia, Claire Roumet, Bastien Sibille, Frédéric Sultan, and Emmanuel Verny.Bastien Sibille, Frédéric Sultan, Emmanuel Verny.

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