Energy security of the European Union: which interdependencies with third countries?

Date / Heure
10 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

Les Entretiens Européens

With the participation of the European Commission

One year after the launch of the Energy Union, we wish to identify the challenges facing the European Union and its Member States to ensure the energy security of all European countries, in an extremely complex economic and geopolitical context. The intensification of tensions with producer and transit countries, the reconfiguration of alliances between regional powers in conflict (Russia, Iran, Turkey …) impact the EU strategy which seeks to diversify its supply routes, sources, and means of transport (pipelines or LNG) and proposes the establishment of a competitive, consolidated single market.
Member States who defend their national interests are divided, they are struggling to agree on the international scene. How could we build more positive interdependencies that enable all the actors to ensure their energy security and build new business relations in cooperation and in the public interest? Could energy and consolidate trade between the States play a role as a pacification vector of conflicts?

With the participation of BP, Gazprom, Engie, ENI and economical and institutional actors of several countries of Europe and Middle East
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