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Conférence on Good Europe


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Louise Decourcelle, chargée de mission à Confrontations Europe, est intervenue lors de la conference « Good Europe » le 23 avril 2016 à Londres.

Descriptif (en anglais) de l’événement:

The European Union is in a rather worrying state and faces serious challenges. Some problems are currently reflected in the actual debate about the British EU-membership. In order to develop an alternative modern vision for Europe, FES London and Compass are planning an international conference on “Good Europe” on April 23 in London.

This event will bring together more than 100 young activists and volunteers as diverse as the progressive NGO/grassroot/volunteer scene in the UK. They are interested yet maybe sceptic about the European Union in its current state but certainly agents of change within their peer groups. During the day we want to develop an alternative modern rationale for Europe. In seeking a positive agenda for a Good Europe we will ask: what is the vision and purpose for the EU in the 21st century? What are the policies needed to implement the vision and how do we make it happen?

This event is going to seize the inputs into an online-debate what is already going on since weeks (please check The results of the day will then be played back into the online community again. These outcomes shall also be applicable afterwards for (social network) activities of our participants on the European question.