Electricity consumption & production : is balance responsibility « renewables-proof »?


Policy officer, Energy and Digital, Confrontations Europe

The present note summarises the contributions of the five panellists:

  • Vincent THOUVENIN, Director for European affairs, RTE
  • James MATTHYS-DONNADIEU, Head of Market Integration, ELIA
  • Dirk HENDRICKS, Senior Policy Advisor, European Renewable Energies Federation
  • Nicolas KUEN, Policy Officer, DG ENERGY, European Commission
  • Dr. Magnus BROLIN, R&D Portfolio Manager Energy Markets and Systems, RISE Research
    Institutes of Sweden of the Business Region of Göteborg
  • Michel CRUCIANI, Climate and Energy Adviser for Confrontations Europe, was moderator of the


According to the assessments attached to the Clean Energy Package, wind and solar energies might
supply nearly 30% of the overall electricity consumed in the EU in 2030. Their intermittent and
decentralised nature increases the complexity of the mission entrusted to Transmission System
Operators (TSOs), which consists in constantly balancing consumption and production. At the same
time, TSOs are requested to better integrate cross-border availabilities, as well as a greater flexibility
of the European electricity market.

These observations have led us to question the evolution of the balancing responsibility and its
apportion among actors of the electricity system (producers, consumers, third parties etc.), which
is deeply impacted by the arrival of new entrants.

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