Civil Society Seminar with EIB’s Board of Directors

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Marie-France Baud, Coordinator of the Brussels Office, participated the Civil Society Seminar with EIB’s Board of Directors on January 30th in Luxembourg, at the EIB Headquarters.

The event focused on two thematic sessions :

1. Environment and climate: trade-offs between key EU policy objectives
How can policy-driven institutions such as the EIB successfully implement multiple, and sometimes conflicting, policy objectives? Drawing on examples of climate action, biodiversity and energy security, the session discussed ways to square the circle.

2. Ensuring accountability throughout our investments
Being a bank and a European institution, the EIB is embedded in a very complex accountability framework made up of EU regulations and policies, Member States, other EU institutions, international bodies, market actors and civil society.

The session therefore covered the implementation of the EIB’s comprehensive accountability framework both at project level and at decision-making level.