Revue 107 – October-December 2014


Towards a European investment and a key for Europe’s future - Philippe HERZOG, Confrontations Europe
Overcoming the infrastructure bottleneck - Franco BASSANINI and Edoardo REVIGLIO, Casa Depositi e Prestiti
Why investment is not picking up in Europe ? - Carole ULMER and Jean-Robert LEONHART, Confrontations Europe
Proper fiscal policy to rekindle investment - Michel AGLIETTA, Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
PPP to develop key-technologies - Alain TURC, Confrontations Europe
A long-term vision of the digital sector in Europe - Fabrice MARQUE and Nicolas GLADY, Accenture
A new way of investing in transport infrastructures - Augustin DE ROMANET, Aéroport de Paris
Expanding EU Energy investments smartly - Juan ALARIO, European Investment Bank
How to finance the investments for electricity needs - Michel CRUCIANI, Université Paris-Dauphine
Mobilising funds for energy efficiency - Alain GRANDJEAN, Carbone 4
The European electricity transmission network - Jean VERSEILLE and Olivier LAVOINE, RTE
Let’s start by dismantling the barriers to long-term investment - Interview of Jacques DE LAROSIERE, IMF, BNP PARIBAS and Eurofi
Shadow banking a sea of complixities - Marie-France BAUD, Confrontations Europe
The role of the insurers must grow - Interview of Allianz and AXA by Jean-Robert LEONHART
A post crisis strategic advantage for financing economic activity - Pierre BOLLON, French Asset Management Association (AFG)
Competitive capital markets, Europe’s challenge - Édouard-François de LENCQUESAING, European Institute for Financial Regulation
Europe, the canary in the coal mine - Michael GESTRIN, OECD
What public stimulus at EU level ? - Carole ULMER, Confrontations Europe
EIB, towards a new “business model”? - Dominique de CRAYENCOUR, Association of the long term investors
Europeans have no horizon of meaning - Catherine VEGLIO-BOILEAU
Discourse on method - Claude FISCHER, ASCPE-Les Entretiens européens