Interface 105 – July 2016


CMU: A necessary utopia for start-ups - Marie EKELAND, France Digitale
What should be the two priorities of the European strategy? - Benoît THIEULIN, French Digital Council
How is digital technology changing the world of work? - Carole ULMER, Confrontations Europe
Insurance: some barriers can be overcome through digitalization - Laurence HONTARREDE, BNP Paribas Cardif
Pays de la Loire leads a third industrial and agricultural revolution - Alain SCHLESSER, Pays de la Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Work together to innovate - Aymeril HOANG, Société Générale
How to make Europe a digital leader? - Tobias KOLLMANN and Amal TALEB, German “Young Digital Economy” Advisory Board and French Digital Council (CNNum)