Interface 103 – April 2016


Refugee: a triple crisis - Clotilde WARIN and Anne MACEY, Confrontations Europe
We need a global European policy to tackle the migration crisis - Peter SUTHERLAND, United Nations Special Representative for Migration and Development
Migrants’ rights, Europe’s duties - Catherine WITHOL DE WENDEN, CNRS
European solidarity for asylum seekers? - Corinne BALLEIX, Politique migratoire de l'Union européenne
The migration crisis and the Horn of Africa: the Khartoum process - Dame Rosalind MARSDEN, Africa Programme at Chatham House
Refugees are an internal manifestation of an unresolved external crisis - Nicole GNESOTTO, Institut des Hautes-études de Défense Nationale
The gradual opening of the german labour market to asylum seekers - Séverine FERAUD, Federation of German Employers’ syndicates
The European labour market and the refugees: Looking beyond the drama of our days - Jose Silva PENEDA, European Policy Strategic Centre
No, the Schengen arean is not dead - Hervé JOUANJEAN, Confrontations Europe
External borders for Europe - Michel FOUCHER, Collège d'études mondiales