Electro-mobility and the electricity sector: challenges and solutions

Date / Heure
14 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

Electro-mobility and the electricity sector:
challenges and solutions

The European Commission presented in November 2017 the so-called “Clean Mobility Package”, a series of joint measures and legislative proposals aiming at decarbonising the transport sector, which is responsible for 23% of GHG emissions in Europe, by notably accelerating the deployment of electro-mobility. While electric vehicles (EV) still represent less than 2% of the European fleet, the acceleration in the penetration of EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles (VHR) is significant worldwide and is expected to keep increasing exponentially in the next decade. While forecasts vary on the extent of and the speed to which these developments will happen, the debate is no longer whether such a revolution will occur, but what can the EU expect from it and how to make the best out of it.

These coming developments will indeed have profound implications on many sectors of our economy and society, and this seminar will focus on energy actors and networks. While analysis from the International Energy Agency shows that the additional energy demand from EV loads is sizeable but largely manageable, these evolutions bring new challenges for the electric systems in Europe, notably as regards power generation, supply-demand balance or stability of the electric grid. Moreover, a large pan-European charging infrastructure has to be financed and developed.
This seminar was the occasion to start the discussions with representatives of the European institutions, the energy sector, consumers and the electro mobility industry.

What are the obstacles to ensure the take up of electro-mobility?
What are the implications of electro-mobility for actors from the power sector?
What response should bring the European Union?

Confirmed speakers :
Axel VOLKERY, Clean Policy Coordinator, Sustainable and Intelligent Transport Unit, DG MOVE, European Commission
Dimitri VERGNE, Senior Sustainable Transport Officer, BEUC
Antoine ASLANIDES, Innovation Director, EDF
Marie-France VAN DER VALK, Head of Alliance Renault-Nissan Brussels Office

Presentations projected during the seminar :